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good night friends!! i should be on in the morning if my body decides to wake me up on time

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Her smirk all but disappears as he pushes her to the ground, and iss replaced by a scowl as she looks up at him.

"What are ya gonna do about it, huh? Are you gonna hit me, Tate? Do it! See if I care,” she challenges him, lips curled into an ugly mixture of loathe and stubbornness.

"I’d love to," His hand reaches for her throat then— keeping her down to the ground. "But you’d like that too much. It just gives you another reason to bitch, moan, and whine. I’d rather put a muzzle on you.”

Flower’s body twisted and fought against his grasp; only making his anger sky rocket.
Devil’s other hand reached behind him, into his pocket, to pull out his pocket knife. “Don’t test me, Violet.”



"This is my room now, Tate. You’re in my room. In my bed.”

"It was mine first, Vi. I think I own it a bit more than you do.”

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"It’s not my fault that she doesn’t want to see you" she said as she was pushed down onto the ground.

You’re such a pain,” He remarks softly while pressing his foot against her neck.
"Why does Violet insist on making the women in this house her slaves? She has nothing to offer you.”

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"Thought you might want to share..this.” She lifts the baggie with a slight cant of her head, “Some kids left their stash behind while they were snooping in the basement.”

Thank God,” He happily took one of the bags and smiled up at Moira.
"I should probably thank you, or say how long it’s been since we’ve spoken, but I won’t do either."

One, Two, Sniff. A few shakes of his head and he’s able to concentrate a bit more. “How many kids?”

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"I wasn’t aware that I’m not welcome."

"I suppose it depends on who you are.” He replies to the stranger, unaware of how close they were to his bed.

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i think i miss Tate.


Well... I know i was the one who left you but. It's hard. I mean, i loved you. And i think i might be ready to forgive you.... what am i doing.

"Let’s talk about it, then." Onyx eyes stare the girl down as she confesses her truth.

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"And I fucked your dad. For fun. We’re even, sort of. Do you…not want me to forgive you, or something?" She asks, arching a brow. Truth be told, Violet’s lonely — while all her life she’d been alone, Tate was the one who sought her company. The one who could stand her, the one who wanted her. And her ego would never, ever forget that.

The subject, as quickly as it was tredged up, was dropped as she continues to shuffle the cards, before deciding they’re nice and mixed. One by one, she flicks the cards in two piles, one for him and one for her. Her mind flashes back to one of the many days they hung out in the attic alone, playing cards by hemselves while she was supposed to be in school. The ignorant days when she thought she was alive.

"Well, you have to find pairs. A two goes with a two, three goes with a three, et cetera, and the one card that doesn’t have a pair is the Queen of Hearts. If you end up with her in the end, you’re the Old Maid. Like Moira, kinda," Violet attempts a joke, a soft smile finding its way on her petal lips. But it’s swept away in a second — Violet doesn’t smile. Especially not with him.

"So…ready to get your ass kicked or what?"

Devil smiles at how easily her words flowed from her mouth- as if she didn’t mind at all what had happened. Something was up; but he’ll keep that to himself.
I’d love for you to forgive me and never think of the horrid things I’ve done ever again. But, I know you Violet.”
He nudges her leg with his own, still laughing. “I’m just saying: Hate me all you want. It won’t stop me from bugging the hell out of you.”

Two, Four, Six. Tate’s got a few pairs in his deck already— but is he supposed to be looking?
Don’t speak this aloud, Devil. Might as well see what Flower’s got first.

Moira’s only old to some of you, remember?” Guilty glances around the room while he notices empty dishes lying around. His friend hasn’t been in this area of the home for a while.

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||Stay Out of My Basement||



          “How considerate of you” 

"Mind introducing yourself?"
Devil nods towards the stranger- who seems to look quite a bit like one of the ‘queen’s’ of the home. Hopefully this one would be a bit more fun to play with.

"Excuse my stare; You remind me of an old friend, is all.”

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